Friday, 18 September 2015

Crochet Fun

CAL's (Crochet A-Long) are very popular it seems.  I haven't joined any before because they are usually large projects and you have to buy a whole lot of yarn before you even know what you are crocheting!  My aim is to use up my yarn not to purchase even more.  Though I have purchased some in the past couple of weeks for some projects.... lol  Just can't help myself.

One of the CAL's I have joined is the Holiday Stashdown Crochet-a-long .  They promote it as a CAL where we can use what we have in the 12 smaller projects we will be doing.  Awesome!!! My kind of projects...... small and quick.... lol

Directions for the first project were posted the past Monday.  It was a hat and I have the yarn for it!  In fact, as I was looking through all my bits of yarn I found a bag of pink yarn with a finished pair of mittens in it and enough yarn to do the hat and a matching scarf.  These will be donated to charity.


A friend I have made here has a relative that works at a Shelter for Abused Women.  I will get a box of crocheted items ready to donate there.  This will go in that box.

My friend also put me together with someone from the local food bank. They will take any crocheted items I can make and add them to the Christmas Hampers.  So I've been busy crocheting hats, cowls and scarves for them as well.

I am Happy Happy Happy!  It's so nice to have found a place to donate items :)

Have a Wonderful Day my Friends :)


  1. So glad you found some where to donate to. Crochet on!

  2. So glad you have found a place to donate your lovely items!! It makes the work go quicker when you know where it will go :)

  3. I love the style of your hot pink hat. And so glad you have settled into your new place.

    1. Thank you! We are still waiting for buy a place. Just haven't found the right one yet.

  4. You are very talented! :-) Thank you for all your help and encouragement!

  5. That's great Audrey! You have the biggest heart and those items will be gratefully received!