Friday, 16 October 2015

FREE Pattern Friday: Heart Hat & Scarf

The local Food Bank is taking donations for their Christmas Hampers.  A few of us are crochet & knitting hats and scarves to donate for this cause.  I found these really cute matching hat and scarf patterns that I thought would be awesome to add to a hamper.  Made the purple set so far, but will try to get a couple of other sets done in different colors yet, just have to decide on colors (look in my craft room and see what color I have!)

In the hat pattern the bottom row of single crochets is done in the same color as the hearts, but after the hat is done.  This works fine, easy to do.  In the scarf pattern, the instructions are the same.  You start with the white and add the accent color after.  Next time I will start with a row of single crochet in the accent color and then just switch to the white instead of doing it later.

My set:

You can find the patterns here:

If you don't crochet and would like a set, I can custom crochet them for you in any size and color you would like :)
You can see more of my custom crochet items on my FACEBOOK page.

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